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In today's high-tech world, saving the planet can be pretty cool. Here Habitat rounds up the newest eco-friendly gadgets for the home.


Electree Solar Charger
Using nothing but solar-powered style, the Electree keeps your mobile devices juiced via USB or wireless charging. The bonsai-inspired design features 27 twistable leaves equipped with 3.7-inch-wide solar panels. $380

Purist Low Flow Vanity Faucet
Kohler's water-saving faucet combines understated style with
laminar flow, which conserves water while preventing splashing.
Fisher Appliance $620

Belkin WeMo Switch
Turn electronics on or off from anywhere. The WeMo uses Wi-Fi to provide wireless control through a smartphone or computer for anything with a plug. Turn a curling iron off from the office, switch a light on in the bedroom without leaving the couch, control your electronics from the palm of your hand and cut down on energy costs.
Best Buy $49





Viking MagneQuick Induction Cooktop
Induction cooking transforms your cookware into a heat source,
resulting in a cooler, more efficient method of cooking.
The Appliance Co. $4,339


Phillips Hue
An LED light bulb controlled by your smartphone,
the Hue allows you to create light recipes
to match your mood or color scheme.
Roberts Electric $60
Ergospace Green
Proving that environmentally friendly,
well-built and affordable can go hand-in-hand,
this strong but silent Electrolux vacuum cleaner
is made with 55% post-consumer recycled plastic
and comes in 90% recycled packaging.
Walmart $190

Ryobi Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Save on energy costs by identifying hot and cold spots near doors and windows and
check air vents for efficiency.
Home Depot $29

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